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What makes BugSlide different than all the other cleaners?

BugSlide is a waxless, waterless, polymer-based cleaner/polisher/detailer. As the name implies, it takes bugs off with ease, but since it’s safe for every part of your bike, it cleans and details like no other product on the market. It also contains an SPF (around 10) that will help protect fading and cracking due to the sun

How does BugSlide work?

The polymers actually bond with the surface it’s sprayed on to create a silky/velvety finish which prevents particles from sticking to it. The less debris that sticks to your bike, the cleaner it stays. The more you use it, the easier it will be to get and keep your bike clean. Dirt, dust and bugs literally slide off, hence the name!

Do I need to wash my bike first?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is, no, but use common sense. If it’s heavily soiled with dirt or mud, we would recommend rinsing first, and then finishing with BugSlide.

What is in BugSlide?

BugSlide is polymer based, but what is more important is what’s not in BugSlide! NO: wax, silicone, ammonia, Teflon, petroleum, and only trace amounts of alcohol. In other words, nothing that will build up over time, turn yellow, or harm your finishes.

How long has BugSlide been around?

Since 2007

Where can I buy it?

BugSlide is available at over 500 dealerships across the US. You can find us in roughly half of the Harley-Davidson shops, select Powersports accessories stores, online retailers such as Amazon, and at BugSlide.ca

Can the micro-fiber towels be washed and re-used?

Yes, but do not use fabric softener and dry on low or air dry.

How do I become a BugSlide dealer?

Click on “become a dealer” tab and fill in the requested information and click “send”. We will be in touch!

I’ve had a bottle of BugSlide for over a year. Is it still good?

BugSlide has been found to be shelf stable for years!

If my bottle of BugSlide freezes, is it still good?

Yes, just let it thaw out and use as normal

Can i apply it in the sun?

Yes, it will not stain or get “cooked on”

What if the overspray accidentally gets on hot exhaust pipes?

It will just quickly dissipate and not stain. We do however recommend you wait until your pipes cool, as there is always a chance the microfiber towel could melt if it comes in contact with a very hot surface.

Can I use BugSlide on Harley-Davidson denim paint?

Absolutely! We’ve found that this paint holds on to the product a little longer than “normal” paint, so just lightly wipe/buff about 10 seconds longer to achieve the final result.

I had a protective paint film applied to my car/motorcycle. Is it safe to use on this?

We realize that there are several different brands/manufacturers of this type of product out there, and while we have used BugSlide successfully on some, we have not specifically tested it on all that are available.

Can I use it on plastic/acrylic windshields?


Do I still need to wax my vehicle after I use BugSlide?

No! BugSlide is a “one stop shop” that cleans and details your bike, and basically replaces the need for multiple steps and waxing.

What is the pH of BugSlide?